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Warranty & Extended Warranty


Each of the terms, conditions, restrictions and exclusions contained in our free 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty included for all of the wire-crafted and wire-sculpted jewelry pieces purchased directly from us or through one of our authorized distributors (“merchandise”) is specifically incorporated into this 5-year extended manufacturer’s limited warranty as though repeated herein.

The original of the 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty (providing coverage for your specific merchandise) was delivered to you by us or by our authorized distributor at the time of your purchase of this merchandise. Additionally, all of the coverages and limitations included in your 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty apply to this 5-year extended manufacturer limited warranty, except where specifically modified below.

The 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for your specific merchandise item described above which was wire-crafted or wire-sculpted using silver and/or 14K gold artist wire (“extended warranty merchandise”) is hereby extended, without interruption, for an additional 5-years (“extended warranty period”), beginning on the day exactly 1 year following your purchase. We can also provide similar 5-year extended manufacturer limited warranty for our other 14K gold and platinum merchandise items, which are obviously priced higher.


To submit your warranty claim under this 1 Year limited manufacturer’s warranty, please ship your merchandise back to us, carefully wrapped, protected and insured, using USPS so that you can track the shipment.  Include with your return:
(1) Your current name, address and telephone number;
(2) Desired return address, if different from your own;
(3) Purchase date, purchase location and copy of your sales receipt to verify the timeliness of your claim; and
(4) Your $15 check payable to “Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Inc.”

Mail your return merchandise along with this required information back to us:

RDJ Repair Service
P. O. Box 1604
New Albany, IN  47151-1604

Allow 2-3 weeks on normal turnaround time for repairs to your merchandise.