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Germanium – the “Magic” ingredient

Argentium silver was invented by master silversmith, Peter Johns, during the 1990s.  The patented Argentium formula gives protection against tarnish and fire scale and imparts increased ductility, strength, durability and unique hardening properties.

Since ancient times the most challenging task when using silver has been the elimination of tarnish. Argentium is the most tarnish resistant silver found today.

It is available in a wide range of products, is fire scale free, and, while perfectly malleable in an annealed state, can easily be made almost twice as hard as annealed traditional sterling silver.

Argentium silver has been independently compared to seven leading silver alloys and has been proven to be the most tarnish resistant silver that is commercially available.


Argentium silver is a leader in the field of silver alloy development. The award winning silver continues to build a reputation of excellence, with recognition and backing from world-leading manufacturers, retailers, and silversmiths. Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Inc. is proud to use this product in all its silver creations.