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Power of Prayer


The Inspiration Behind The Power of Prayer Bracelet


Many years ago at my mom and dad’s church located in Corydon Indiana, The pastor had mentioned that one of the members in the congregation was very ill.

He asked for volunteers from a membership of 43 to pray for her 24/7. They all took turns praying an hour each every hour of the day.

The pastor had mentioned that she needed to have an operation that was experimental but the insurance would not cover the operation.  The amount needed for the surgery was $7,000.00.

My father after afterwards told me we need to invent something that the church can sell.  The last  thing my  dad told  me that day was son
"The Power of Prayer is Undeniable."

We designed and built the Power of Prayer Bracelet and the 43 member congregation sold over $7,000.00 that week.

Soon after, Sharron had her surgery and lived two more years. Sharron told me, Ronaldo you do not know how much this means to me having two more years to spend time with my family.

She cried and so did I. The Power of Prayer is truly undeniable.  I hope you enjoyed the story.

Love Ronaldo


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