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The Power of Prayer® Bracelet

The absolute Power of Prayer is undeniable.

Through prayer, our hearts are filled with joy, our burdens lifted, and our faith strengthened.

This beautifully hand- crafted, seven beaded daily prayer bracelet is a wonderful way to express your belief in the Power of Prayer.
Each bead represents a prayer for each day of the week.

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The Prayer bracelet features two diamond cut 14K Gold artist wires with a center round wire.
There is a center ‘window’ housing 7 beads. The Power of Prayer bracelet is the nation’s best-selling bracelet,
in any category. Remember when you were a child, just before bedtime, you were told to brush your teeth
and say your prayers? Later in life, your grandmother said, “When you wake up, thank God for your blessings;
when you go to sleep, thank God for that day.”
These are the thoughts that encouraged Ronaldo to invent the Power of Prayer bracelet. Prayer is something we all can use.

SIZING INFORMATION To determine your wrist size, take a cloth measuring tape and measure your wrist.
Add 1/2 Inch to that measurement. If you do not have a cloth measuring tape,
Please click here for our printable disposable measuring tape.

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