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The Nobility Artist Original Solid Platinum Bracelet

Ronaldo artisans wove a unique pattern using platinum to build a beautiful bracelet a truly remarkable work of art.
His  vision was to add and set 7 precious stones of great value to the woven platinum bracelet and designed the mounting of 7 precious gemstones the result a great work of art.

The Nobility will go down in history as a one of a kind masterpiece a fine addition to any collector’s gallery.

Nobility was laid out and designed by Ronaldo, who then selected the stones personally from the tourmaline mine owner.
The initial design once completed was on to the construction phase.
The head artistic director of Ronaldo designer Jewelry Angelia Williams did the platinum weaving.

The gemstone mounting was performed in platinum by Paul Tomassian

Center Diamond  Round 1ct,  SI1, G Golor, Table Perfect, Girdle Cuts Excellent

Two Side Stones Next To Center, Blue, Green Rear Tourmaline,  3.57cts Total,  Rich In Hue And Saturation, Cushion Emerald Cut

Two Side Stones Next To Blue, Green Rear Tourmaline,  Rubilite Tourmaline, Cushion Trillian Cut, Approximately  .51 ct Total Weight, Rich In Hue And Saturation

Two Side Stones Next To Rubilite Tourmaline, Round Diamond 1/4 ct., SI1, G Color, Excellent Table and Girdle Cuts


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