Finest Handcrafted Designer Jewelry


  Guarding Angel      Infinite Angle Bracelet 
 The Guardian Angel™ Bracelet   The Infinite Angel™ Bracelet

 Pearl of My Heart   Touch Bracelet 
The Pearl of My Heart™ Bracelet

   The Touch™ Bracelet
 Guarding Angel Bracelet    Bella Bracelet
 The Guardian Angel™ Bracelet

    The Bella™ Bracelet
 Believe Bracelet    Creation Bracelet
 The Believe™ Bracelet

  The Creation™ Bracelet 
 Emerald Creation    Grandma Waverly Bracelet
 The Emerald Creation™ Bracelet

   Grandma Waverly™ Bracelet
 Heavens Bracelet   Natural Charm Bracelet 
 The Heavens™ Bracelet

   The Natural Charm™ Bracelet
 Pearl DeLite Bracelet   Praise Bracelet 
 Pearl De Lite™ Bracelet

  The Praise™ Bracele
 Puppy Love Bracelet    Wide Puppy Love Bracelet
 The Puppy Love™ Bracelet

   The Wide Puppy Love™ Bracelet
 Seven Angels Bracelet    Shelby Dawn Bracelet
 The Seven Angels™ Bracelet

  The "Shelby Dawn™" Bracelet 
 Heavens Bracelet   Special Treasures Bracelet 
The Heavens™ Bracelet

   Special Treasures™ Bracelet
 Trinty Bracelet   Wild Fire Bracelet
The Trinity™ Bracelet

   Wildfire™ Bracelet
Black Onyx Pearl Earrings   Black Onyx Pendant 
Black Onyx & Natural Mother of Pearl Earrings™

   Black Onyx and Natural Mother of Pearl Pendant™