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Drying Shells
After many weeks at sea, the shells finally arrives to Torre del Greco with their own passport.

Stored on a rooftop so that they can dry up from the warm sun of Napoli.

The more dried the shell, the  better looking the cameo.

Selecting Shells

Finally, we start production.

After selecting a shell in which the form, size and thickness are assessed, we then by cutting out of the shell what we call the “CUP”.

 Shells Used

Seashells that Crispino Art Cameos use.

Cornelian and Sardonyx
Cutting Shell

It’s a very difficult procedure, because the shell is cut in two pieces by a skilled per person (Italo Romano) using an extremely sharp wheel which will severe the hard shell like butter.
Drawing Cameo Shape

After being divided in two, the thicker and colored part is signed with a waterproof pen by the artist, who decides cameos shape according to shell’s bumps.

Drawing the shapes into the cup becomes the most important step of the entire pre production.
Cutting Cameo Outlinel
The “Coppa”, the part of the shell to be used for the cameos, is then divided further into smaller pieces by a cutter.
Smoothing and Rounding Cameo Outline

The back of these pieces of the shell are then smoothed  and rounded by the aggarbatore with a sander wheel.
Selecting Best Pieces

Antonio Crispino selecting the best pieces of the shells for Crispino Art Cameos.
Getting Cameo Ready For The Master Carver
Now they are ready to go in to the Master Carver Alessandro Crispino's hand.

The cameo is shaped and attached on to wooden stick (can be a recycle broomstick) with a hot waxy compound called ”Pece  Greca”.

Making it easier to handle the Camoes.
Grounding Down
Its rough outer layer is ground down to the right thickness.
Drawing Cameo Shape

At this point, the artist allows the form of the piece to inspire his choice of the subject with drawing.
Tools Use

"Bulino” Sharp  tools use to carve.
Carving Cameo
After drawing a sketch of the subject matter on the shell, the master carver uses traditional cameo carving tools called Bulino”.
Tools like used 5000 years ago.

Eye Detail
Last details on the eye.
Final Touches
When the piece is finished, the face of the cameos is cleaned with oil, and with a soft brush.
Finished Cameo Now the cameos is ready to be shipped to Ronado Designer Jewelry in the USA.