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The Courage™ Bracelet

The bracelet is dedicated to the tremendous work and risks taken each and every day by dedicated fire fighters.  Their “courage” can be seen in the selflessness they show so that we all may be safe.  From fighting fires and responding to car wrecks, including emergency medical help, the list goes on and on for these Heroes.

One day I saw a building on fire, and there was a lot of smoke.  Everyone was running from the building, but when the fire department arrived, the fire fighters ran into the building.  The heat was tremendous and a fire fighter in a fire-retardant suit with a tank on his back rushed into the building and a few minutes later he came out with a small child.

I will never forget seeing this. As the firefighter handed the child to the paramedics, he bent over and asked, "How is she? Is she going to be okay?  The paramedic responded saying, "She will be fine. Great work!"

I personally saw this over 30 years ago in Louisville, Kentucky.  The heat was unbearable, and the sight was tragic.  I thought to myself, “Whatever you guys get paid is not enough.”  I was able to talk to a few firemen and they were all talking about the child, they were happy with joy.

That day I personally saw many Heroes.  As we honor the brave men and women who save lives, be sure to thank them for what they do.  Our Firefighters do indeed have tremendous Courage!

The firefighter “Courage” bracelet features several strands of 14kt gold artist wire and a special red Trendalum™ wire developed by using aluminum base with a beautiful red colored processed outer layer.  A meaningful and worthy addition to any collection.

Part of the proceeds go to Fire Department benevolent funds across the country.

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