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Why is Ronaldo Designer Jewelry The Talk of The Nation?

Most designer Jewelry is marked up 10 to 20 times the cost of production.

With many layers of middle man and hugh advertising budgets with fake discounts and rolls off an assembly line mostly made in China.

Not Ronaldo 100% hand made in the U.S.A.  Many of the stories of inspiration are from Ronaldo’s real life experiences. Ronaldo products give you a voice to express your emotional needs.

Ronaldo Designer Jewelry has the very best price whether you buy from one of our 725  Ronaldo Designer Jewelry authorized dealers or from our web site.  You are dealing directly with the manufacture, you save a lot of money.

Ronaldo Designer Jewelry gives back to a great many charities. Raising untold large amounts of money.

Gift beat Magazine, has mentioned Ronaldo Designer Jewelry with many accolades, as best customer service and top 10 national ranking in Jewelry with a message.

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Ronaldo New Featured Designs

Free Spirit    Empowered
Free Spirit™ Bracelet   Empowered™ Bracelet
A Free Spirit paves their own path in life.  The scrollwork in this bracelet
represents the road less traveled which often leads to a beautiful destination.
  When you’re brave enough to be true to yourself, you Empower, support
and encourage yourself and those around you.
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 One Day At A Time    Devine Plan
                                One Day at a Time™ Bracelet    Divine Plan™ Bracelet
Matthew 6:34 says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will
worry about itself.”  No matter how worrisome and daunting the journey, just take
it One Day at a Time.

*Part of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. In honor of Molly May

  Every experience is part of God’s Divine Plan. Always remember that
you are significant and exactly where He wants you to be at this very
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 Touching Story and Video    Touching Story and Video

 Infinite Angel


 Hold Me

                                  Infinite Angel™ Bracelet                                       Hold Me™ Bracelet
The Infinite Angel© bracelet was designed in 2015 to raise money for
Alzheimer's research because Ronaldo's own father, Hobert, suffered from the
disease......Read More

  When Ronaldo was very young he would always crawl over to his mother
and ask her to pick him. She loved holding him and showing him the
world......Read More



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Ronaldo Receives 100's of Cards And Letters Each Year

Please Write Ronaldo to tell him how his stories affect your or write and explain why we should build something for your charity, or to just say hello.  Ronaldo appreciates and values your input.

With Ronaldo we give you a voice to express your emotional needs. Ronaldo meets twice a year to decide what charity we should devolope a new item for.

God Bless

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