Young Love

We feel a range of emotions every day. From happiness to heartache, confusion to clarity, and everything in-between, we find ourselves bouncing back and forth as we try to navigate this path called life. One of the most cherished emotions we find ourselves feeling is love.

Love is such a powerful emotion, which is why it bleeds into just about everything we view and do. From the music on the radio, shows on TV, to our interactions with others, we see love everywhere. Love elicits a whole bunch of feelings, like joy or excitement. It’s also heartbreaking to love someone. This emotion contains such a range that it truly makes us feel alive.

One of the most precious forms of love is the love shared between two young people. It’s an innocent kind of love shared by two hearts that have not yet been broken. There are butterflies fluttering around as nervous glances pass between them, wondering if the other person likes them too. There’s a warm feeling that takes over when feelings are reciprocated, and they hold hands for the first time. Then, there’s that cute awkwardness that comes from the first kiss, which brings a couple closer than before.

Young love brings about a lot of learning and growth as two people learn what it means to care about each other on this next level. It’s more than friendship—it’s a bond that requires dedication, commitment, and deep feelings. As two lovers find each other head over heels, they grow closer in these other areas.

While the road is bumpy on occasion, love finds a way through any challenge. It takes effort and communication, but ultimately, love binds people together.

In honor of those who have loved or love now comes the Young Love™ Bracelet.

There are seven interlacing strands, representing the love shared by two people every day of the week.

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Who do you love?


Death and despair consume our world. There is always something that will go wrong. In such a fallen state, it can be hard to keep our eyes on the positive. However, with just as much darkness comes light. For every time that something goes wrong, there will be something that goes right. There is hope.

Life is often a matter of perspective. Let’s look at two examples, first from a pessimistic view:

This morning I woke up late because my alarm didn’t go off. I had to skip breakfast to make it to work, and my boss yelled at me for my tardiness. If that wasn’t enough, I forgot my wallet, so lunch was out too. I ended up having to stay late, so I missed the premiere of the new season of my favorite show. Today was the worst.

Sounds like a pretty bad day, huh? Well, when we look at the same situation from an optimistic perspective, it may look more like this:

This morning I got to sleep in a bit because my alarm didn’t go off. I missed breakfast, but I found a five dollar bill on the ground, so I was able to get some from the drive-through near my work. I ended up walking in a bit late, which my boss wasn’t happy about, and understandably so. I realized I forgot my wallet, but one of my coworkers shared her sandwich with me. I never really talk to her, so it was great to make a new friend today. I had to stay in late, which caused me to miss the premiere of my favorite show, but I recorded it, so I’ll be able to watch it whenever. Today was pretty good!

As seen in these examples, we can focus on the negative. We can look at all the bad that has happened and let that take over. However, there are good things that happen every day too. If we look at those things, our days seem much better.

By maintaining a positive outlook, we can have greater hope in our lives. We can recognize the bad without giving it power.

This inspiring idea takes form in The Hope™ Bracelet.

This beautiful bracelet gives hope too by sending part of the proceeds to breast cancer research. Give someone a little hope today!

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What gives you hope?


If you go around and ask, most people will share that they have a bucket list of things they want to do or accomplish by the time they die. For some, this includes daring feats like skydiving. For others, it involves exploring other countries and seeing new sights. There are so many different options to choose from!

Bucket lists are great because they help us see what we want out of this life. They help us set goals to strive for and really tell a lot about a person. In goal-setting, by having an activity you really want to do, it helps you take steps to reach it like saving money or conquering fears. For example, if you wanted to go skydiving, but you were afraid of heights, doing this could really help you overcome that fear. With something like traveling to another country, you could learn valuable budgeting skills that will help you save up for future experiences you desire.

The items on our bucket lists do reveal a lot about a person’s inner drive. For example, if someone had “publish a novel” on their bucket list, you could guess that they are creative. If someone had “backpack through Europe,” you could guess that they have a free spirit or enjoy new experiences.

We all have short lives to the point where there is a lot we won’t be able to do. So, bucket lists help us narrow down what we truly desire. They help us focus on the most rewarding experiences and adventures.

One such experience that is worth seeing is the Aurora Borealis. This natural phenomenon lights up the night sky in an array of colors that’s sure to make you gasp. It is unlike anything else in nature and is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who don’t live in the northern part of the globe.

Inspired by this wonderful event comes the Aurora™ Bracelet.

The spiral pattern imitates the magic of the Aurora Borealis. Share this beautiful bracelet with someone you love.

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What do YOU want to do in your lifetime?

Pet Names

There are countless ways to show love. For example, holding hands is a way to show your significant other, “I like you, and I want the world to see it!” There are other outward examples like this, such as hugging. There are also little ways to display love, like grabbing lunch for each other or giving compliments. Another tradition in love, it seems, is having pet names for your significant other.

A pet name is any type of nickname that is reserved strictly for the one you love to show them you love them. If other people refer to your significant other the same way, or if you use that name for someone else, it loses its special power. Having a pet name is supposed to be a sweet little exchange between those who love each other to remind each other of their feelings and commitment to one another. Popular pet names include, “honey,” “dear,” “sugar,” and innumerable others.

In a world filled with craziness and turmoil, it is so nice to be able to share pet names with your significant other. It’s a moment when you know that they still care about you and want to shower you with affection, even in this small way. It also reaffirms how close you two are. As any nickname, they are usually used for people you know well. You wouldn’t meet a person and then start calling them “darling” that day.

With the idea of pet names comes the Katbird™ bracelet, ring, earrings, and pendant.

Katbird™ Bracelet

Katbird™ Ring

Katbird™ Earrings

Katbird™ Pendant

“Katbird” is the pet name one of Ronaldo’s staff members has for his wife, Kat. With so many different options of jewelry for this, you can choose what your significant other will love most, or even give her the entire set!

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What pet names do YOU have for your significant other?

Falling Leaves

The autumn season is all about change. It is a time where the world around us erupts into vibrant color before ultimately resting for a few cold months. Leaves are around us on trees all the time, but we seem to notice their existence most during this time of year.

It makes one wonder: would we notice them more if they weren’t always green? Maybe we take notice simply because the color is different from the norm. For just a few short months, what used to be green becomes yellows, reds, and oranges. Before the weather gets too chilly, we walk around outside appreciating this rare beauty.

Then, the leaves fall. They blow around in the breeze, floating from tree to tree and eventually settling on the yellowing grass. There is a certain beauty in dying nature.

When this happens, we go outside with rakes in hand and group piles together. We bag them, blow them to the streets, and scatter them in the wind. Children jump in piles of them, crunch them beneath their feet, and play with the remains of summer’s splendor.

Millions of leaves join these ranks until the trees around us are bare. This is the time when we can really see just how many intricate branches grow from the trunks of these essential life forces. There are so many tiny details that go into the world around us that it is hard not to be in awe of it all.

Each season comes with unique attractions. The snow of winter, blossoms of spring, the gorgeous green of summer, and shifting shades of autumn all provide a natural cycle of life reborn. In this season where the leaves blush and the sun softens its long-lasting glow, let us take time to live in the moment.

Go outside and take in the sweet smell of falling leaves. Listen to their crunch under your feet. Pick them up and feel their fragile frames. Don’t let this season pass you by. Before you know it, winter will be here in all her glory, and you will have to wait another year to enjoy the wonder that is autumn.

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What do you find inspiring about autumn?

American Halloween

Boo! It’s the night of frights and spooks around every corner. Halloween is celebrated all over the world, but how do Americans spend this holiday?

While Christmas decorations are starting to show themselves in stores, Halloween still shines. In your local supermarket, you’re sure to find aisles of cheap candy ready for trick-or-treaters. This is also a good time to make a personal stock-pile for the winter ahead.

Halloween is also full of many amazing movies. From straight-up Halloween movies that are more kid-safe to horror films that leave you sleeping with the light on, there are so many options to choose from while getting in the spirit of things.

On Halloween night, you’ll find children and even parents dressed up holding bags ready for candy. It’s the one night when it’s perfectly acceptable to knock on random people’s doors and ask for free treats. Any other night, it would be considered rude and rather weird.

Often, teens and young single adults will spend these nights having costume parties. From witches to characters from obscure TV shows, you’ll find a plethora of different costumes. Other than Comic Con, it’s a great time for nerds to cosplay too without looking bizarre.

After a long, fun night of parties and trick-or-treating, we wake up to a new month. All traces of Halloween seem to disappear overnight as Christmas takes over, leaving Thanksgiving in the background of festivities.

Halloween hangs out in the back of our minds though, and we look forward to another year of fun costumes and more free candy.

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What is YOUR favorite thing about Halloween?

Souls Forever

There are times in life when we find ourselves drawn to certain people. Whether it be a certain quality they possess or just a sense of familiarity, it feels as if we have met these people before. These can end up being some of the most powerful bonds we have.

It is hard to say what these bonds feel like. Many say it is like they have known each other in a different life. Often, these people are referred to as “soulmates,” or people who are bonded by this connection. This feeling can be manifest in many different ways.

One such way is as friends. These are the people that we just seem to click with. We get each other on another level. The bonds with these people end up being much deeper than relationships that stay on the “Hey! How are you?” “Good, you?” “Good.” level. These are the friends we break down crying to or dance around happily with through life’s ups and downs.

The most common form of soulmates, however, is in romantic relationships. These are the couples that are very comfortable with each other. They just get each other, and they love each other unconditionally. These are the couples that spend time together simply because they enjoy being with the other person, rather than out of obligation or to “avoid being alone.”

In honor of soulmates comes the Souls Forever™ Bracelet.

This stunning piece has two pearls in the center, representing the pure love between two soulmates. This gold bracelet also comes in:

14K Gold Artist Wire and Silver


Pick the bracelet that best fits with your soulmate!

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Who is YOUR soulmate?

Sister’s Bond

As anyone who has a sister knows, there’s no relationship quite like it. They’re like the best friend that isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re a hot mess. They’re all the one that you can always come crying to when life has been less than ideal. At the end of the day, even if you fight all the time, you know you love each other.

With normal friendships, we often tend to be more careful about what we say. Even if we think our friend’s dress doesn’t compliment her, we tell her that anyway because we don’t want her to feel bad. There’s also the fear of losing our friend from being too honest. However, with sisters, you’re stuck together by family ties. So, even if your sister gets upset by the truth, she’ll end up being grateful for your help. You’ll end up hugging it out later anyway.

Sisters are also good for ranting or crying to. Friends may feel for you, but your sister grew up with you. She knows you more than most people, and she knows when things are bad. That makes it easier to know just what to say or do to console you. Your sister also has shared a lot of life experiences with you. If your family moved growing up, she was there with you. She attended your schools, lived in your hometown, and probably knows a lot of your friends too. Your sister gets where you’re coming from.

The hard thing about sisters is that sometimes it’s easier to fight. This comes often from taking each other for granted. We leave our stuff all over the bathroom counter because we know she’ll forgive us later. We borrow her shirt without asking because we know she’ll get over it eventually. Sometimes, we are too honest to the point where really hurt each other’s feelings. The thing is that we do end up forgiving each other. However, we can try to be more thoughtful of one another as we remember our sister is a person too.

Sisters are the best. They love you no matter what, take care of you, and remind you that you’re never alone. In honor of sisters comes the Sister’s Bond™ Bracelet.

The two loops in the center represent sisters, who hold on in a loving family knot.

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What do you love about YOUR sister?

Creepy Creatures

Halloween is when the monsters come out of hiding for a night. It’s a night when children and even some adults dress up to blend in with the supposed influx of evil beings that come around. There are so many different types of creepy creatures to be this Halloween season.

One of the classic Halloween figures is the witch. Witches are known to possess magical powers, which terrifies humans who do not share this connection to nature. Back when Massachusetts was a colony in the 1600s, there was a period of time when witch trials were conducted in Salem. All sorts of people, mainly women, were accused of witchcraft at this time. Nowadays, not many Americans believe in this anymore. It still is a popular costume choice though!

Vampires are another common Halloween figure. Usually, when people think vampires, they think about bloodsucking creatures of the night that can transform into bats. However, with movies like “Twilight” or “Hotel Transylvania,” vampires have become a lot more lovable. In any case, this undead being can be as spooky or cute as people want.

With the full moon comes another well-known creepy creature: the werewolf. Werewolves don’t have much to them except for the idea that they are regular people who transform during the full phase of the moon. However, during this one night, they apparently do a lot of damage by taking innocent lives. Bewere of these wolves this Halloween season.

A fourth common Halloween entity is the zombie. There is a plethora of zombie movies nowadays, each with their own twist. However, the gist is that these are people who died and remained in the land of the living. Many seek the brains of living humans to satisfy their hunger.

The last spooky creature we’ll talk about is ghosts. Whether you believe ghosts are real or not, the idea is that these are people who died and left part of their souls here. They are known to haunt the living by suddenly appearing or even yelling, “Boo!” There is also an idea that ghosts can possess people’s bodies, taking control over what that person does. Creepy, huh?

While there are many more creatures common at Halloween, these are a few of the most common to inspire your costume ideas!

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What other creepy creatures do you like?

Spice of Life

What if every day was exactly the same? What if every person you met shared qualities and had no differences? How would life be?

It’d be pretty boring. While predictability is nice at times, or at least having a general idea on how future events will play out, we crave variety too. Unknowns and uncertainties allow us to bounce around ideas. These are the keys to imagination. Without them, we’d be living in a bland, uninteresting world.

Think about it: What do you foresee the rest of your day being like? Will you have the same sandwich for lunch, talk to the same people over the same topics, and complete the same tasks as you do each day? Or, do see other possibilities occurring?

Someone you haven’t seen in years might show up. You might see someone in need and share your lunch with them. You might suddenly win an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii. There are so many possible events that we cannot even begin to picture, but they exist in the layers of our lives, folding on top of each other into a crazy cake of chance.

Obviously, there are negative possibilities alongside the positive, but we need those to appreciate the good things we have. Negative happenstances can also lead to positive outcomes, like you miss the train for work, but you end up meeting the love of your life. You simply never know.

In honor of variety comes The Spice of Life™ Bracelet, which comes in a multitude of colors.

Red Trendalum™ & 14K Outer Gold Artist Wire or Silver

Green Trendalum™ & 14K Outer Gold Artist Wire or Silver

Blue Trendalum™ & 14K Outer Gold Artist Wire or Silver

Purple Trendalum™ & 14K Outer Gold Artist Wire or Silver

Teal Trendalum™ & 14K Outer Gold Artist Wire or Silver

Choose the bracelet color you love the most, or choose multiple colors! With all of these options, it will be easy to spice up your life with The Spice of Life™ Bracelet on your wrist.

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How do YOU embrace variety?